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V360 Marine Launch VR Power Generation & Management Training Sim

Press Release – V360 Marine Launch VR Power Management Training Simulator

V360 Marine Ltd have launched their first commercial training simulation for Power Management Training using VR technology. After 6 months of development, the system is available to the marine and maritime industry whether it’s a training centre, organisation or college, the system has been specifically designed with maritime training experts to provide the full functionality of a traditional simulator.


V360 Marine’s CEO, Sam Slater said, “We have been developing bespoke systems for a few years now and saw the significant benefits these bring to the industry. By providing a simple-to-use, fully mobile solution, companies no longer need to coordinate crew training as it can be completed on board by the crew themselves. Similarly, training centres and other management companies won’t need to rely on physical mock-ups to deploy the training which can be done in any classroom or workplace”.

And it’s not only the savings in time, cost and risk of travel that these systems bring but also an enhanced leaning experience. V360 Marine’s COO, Greg Beach added, “Because the simulation is fully immersive, we can replicate all real-life operational scenarios from synchronising generators to black outs and prime mover failures to safety trip testing. The responsive audio really makes the experience as close as you can get without actually being in that given situation and once you experience a full black out, with total darkness in silence followed by the warning lights and alarms blaring, it’s not something that you’ll forget in a hurry!”

As an experienced chief engineer, Greg was well placed to oversee the development of the simulator with V360 Marine’s CTO, Rick, who went on to outline the process of creating the final application.
“The whole process is made easier by our past experience, in-house, industry-specific knowledge and partnership with top maritime training providers. This combination has provided us with the perfect platform to create something that will provide a complete experience, including responsive audio recorded from actual events and an intelligent team training database which records and analyses all activities during training. This provides the candidate with an extremely detailed and concise data set that can be used to target weaknesses to develop as well as strengths for the rest of the team to learn from.”


From a commercial perspective, Sam stated, “We have developed this system in-house and will offer it to partners and organisations on a pay-per-use basis, meaning zero initial outlay, taking a small percentage of the costs to deliver the training. This way it is risk free to the client and we can build long-term relationships with our clients with the focus being an improvement in the way training is delivered and, ultimately make the industry safer and more accessible.”

When asked about future growth, Sam added, “This system is not fixed to a single application; we can develop a simulator for almost any situation and already have crane operations training, Dynamic Positioning familiarisation and others focused on one-off project planning scenarios. We are keen to discuss any simulation requirements and commercial arrangements that works for the client.”
If you would like further information, feel free to contact Sam on sam@virtualise360.com and watch this space for further announcements as they happen.

Press Release – VR Power Management Training Sim – FINAL

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